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Sad news…

Back in August 2007 I reviewed our favorite neighborhood coffee shop, the Clicquot Club Cafe. Just found some sad news online that says the cafe is closing due to the bad economy. Tonight is the last night they will be open.

It’s hard to believe Clicquot was having rough times because every time I would go there on the weekends they were packed! But I guess looking back, I remember some very slow weekday evenings. Plus it’s a small place, so it’s probably difficult to find seats on winter weekends. It’s really a bummer – they were the epitome of a small friendly neighborhood coffee shop. I wonder what will happen to that cute little building? What else could end up there that would possibly help to create a vibrant neighborhood? And if a place like Clicquot can’t survive in a neighborhood like Seward, what hope does it have elsewhere?


  • Gosh, I am sad. I loved that place. I was just there for a mid-week lunch and the place was full.

  • Clicquot was my favorite coffee shop by far. I will really miss them. So sad.

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